Our Purpose

Making the difference

Mustard is a market research agency and insights consultancy that is committed to making the difference.

Making the Difference

We help our clients make better, more informed decisions, allowing them to:

  • Increase value, decrease risk
  • Understand and improve experiences and satisfaction
  • Build loyalty and advocacy
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Deliver the right product / service to the right audience
  • Communicate more effectively


We live, breathe and cherish our core brand values, and prefer to work with like minded clients and partners.

We make it easy

We deliver a seamless, hassle-free, quality service for our clients

Making it easy

We are proactive and deliver an  attentive service.

We can be reactive – flexible and fleet-of-foot.

We are a reliable, transparent partner who you can trust.

We guarantee quality – from briefing to beyond the debrief.

We stick with our clients and they stick with us.

We have our finger on the pulse

We are in–the-know and at the forefront of what we do

Finger on the pulse

We have method expertise.

We watch and understand societal trends.

We “get-it” faster by listening, understanding and responding.

We initiate and embrace change.

We use innovation with purpose.

We ensure every project has experienced, director-level input.

We are commercial thinkers

We combine immersion, intelligence and realism

Commercial thinkers

We immerse ourselves totally in what we do and what you do – your business, your vision, your issues, your objectives.

We have commercial acumen, and can stand back from the detail.

We are focused on the goal – always considering what insight means both strategically and practically for your business or organisation.

We deliver in context with clarity.

Happy to challenge when necessary 

We are passionate people

We are people you want to work with

Passionate people

We are naturally enthusiastic for our work – we live and breathe breakthrough insights.

We love to see our clients win.

We put people at the heart of our business.

The right people, with the right mind-set.