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The Really Useful research company [Vol. 1]

Our business is founded on Making a Difference.

Everything we do makes a direct and tangible difference for our clients and their customers. That premise is our beating heart.

We are the Really Useful Research Company.

With that in mind, we thought we'd share some really useful stuff, like our REALLY USEFUL Nat Rep checker (for the UK).

Really useful Nat Rep checker

Top 50 Digital Agencies 2017

We are delighted to announce 2017's ranking of the Top 50 Digital Agencies in the North of England 

Now into its fifth year, the Prolific North Top 50 Agency rankings has quickly become the “go to” source for a definitive breakdown of the biggest and fastest growing agencies in the region.


Any research agency worth their salt* should be monitoring and acting on trends. 

Be that... #Freshness#Indulgence, #FoodPorn#Provenance, 

Getting you closer

Whatever your brief and whatever the chosen method, our role is to get clients closer.

Cat's eyes

We go further to deliver a deeper understanding, be that through our probing and innovative qualitative techniques or our rigorous data analysis.

Close shave

The Housing and Planning Bill 2016, and what it means for Housing Associations

After weeks of back and forth between the House of Lords and the House of Commons, the Housing and Planning Bill 2016 finally gained royal assent on the 12th May 2016. The effects will be broad and, yes, it will primarily be councils and council house tenants that will be affected, but there will be huge implications for housing associations as well, particularly when it comes to the Right to Buy and Pay to Stay schemes.

3 Peaks Challenge - Training Day 1

Shortly after I started my new job here at Mustard Research I was given the great news – my new colleagues had signed up to do the National 3 Peaks Challenge. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t very sure what it involved, although the name was kind of self-explanatory (it’s about climbing 3 mountains Irina, it’s not that hard!). However, I didn’t really know the nitty gritty of it – they seem to leave the “24 hours” bit out of the title for a good reason!

Divide & Conquer

Treat different groups of people differently.


Find your competitors' weaknesses and go for the kill.

Market research segmentation

We are not suggesting you live your life by these rules.

But please do consider them when planning your next customer or market segmentation.

Mustard delivers segmentations across sectors and markets, with clear commercial focus and purpose.

Saving the planet from mediocre tracking research

We believe the world deserves better ad, brand and customer experience tracking research.

It needs protecting from the Jokers and the Riddlers pedalling spurious measures that don't seem to move from wave to wave.

It needs a solution for how brands are built today.

We have the solution.

Even better, it isn't fictitious. Nor is it repelled by Kryptonite.

Not budgie smugglers

With the economy improving and businesses continuing to feel optimistic about the future, increasingly we are seeing new clients approaching us who are considering conducting market research for the first time – whether to better understand their customers’ needs, improve their service, develop a new product or service, or test a new marketing campaign to ensure that it will resonate with the target audience.

A consequence of this is that we are being asked more and more to provide a template that clients who are new to research can use to write a formal market research brief.

Debunking some MR Myths

Mustard Director, Richard Walker, challenges the perception that market research and customer insight is for ‘big business only’.

The business climate has changed significantly over the last 10 to 15 years. Consumers now demand much more from brands if they are to buy their products or engage with their services. With businesses often left wondering what they can do to succeed in this new era, the need for brands to forge stronger relationships with their customers is more relevant than ever before.