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Our views on the world, the economy, the research industry

Why You Should Really Know Your Market

Research Executive, Amelia, reflects on the 2017 Digital Entrepreneurial Awards and how brands should use research to ensure they get it right every time.

Recently Mustard were nominated for a Digital Entrepreneurial Award, and as a newbie to the working world I was very excited to attend my first professional awards ceremony. Unfortunately I and the rest of the Mustard team were left disappointed, not by the fact we didn't win, but by the outdated and sexist nature of the ceremony.

On The Blog - Everyone's A Researcher

Gareth, Director, explains why instant data doesn’t always provide you with the best results.

Everyone’s a researcher these days. LinkedIn e-mailed me this week to push their tools, Twitter is littered with polls and don’t get me started (again) on those who think that any Monkey can design a good Survey.

The widespread growth in opinion gathering has largely been driven by technology, but (as with most things) with this has come a desire for it to be instantaneous and simplified.

Get Real

Research Manager, Amy Harrod feels inspired by a taboo-busting, feminine hygiene advert and gives her perspective on how we can get closer to reality in market research.

This month Bodyform launched its new campaign, ‘Blood Normal’. In an effort to make feminine care advertising more realistic, they used red liquid instead of the infamous blue liquid in their ad. The aim is to make menstruation more normal.

The nations freakiest fears revealed!

To celebrate Halloween Amy, Research Manager, takes a light-hearted look at the nations' weirdest phobias

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