Any research agency worth their salt* should be monitoring and acting on trends. 

Be that... #Freshness#Indulgence, #FoodPorn#Provenance, #TheExperienceEconomy

...which helps us understand how consumers share their experiences

Or evolving influencers and the rise of the YouTube celebrity

...which allows us to learn good practice in engagement through video

Or new positive role models

...understanding who and what motivates consumers and inspires fandom.

Positive role models

Or broadening consumer vocabularies

...which has led to us successfully using new methods such as emojis in both qualitative and quantitative research to better understand emotional engagement.

Emojis in market research

Keeping abreast of new and emerging trends allows us to deliver our brand promise of making a difference.

We immerse ourselves in the challenges our clients face, whilst ensuring our insights are delivered with a bigger-picture cultural context. To deliver this we are committed to following, understanding and acting on trends.

We have in-house dedicated trends specialists to tell us what's new and what's trending, and what it means for us and our clients.

Our proposals and debriefs will always reference relevant trends where appropriate.

And we always us this insight to improve what we do.

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* New PHE data on salt consumption levels shows that on average UK adults consumer 8g of salt per day, down 0.9g from the decade 2005 to 2014.