Research methods

Dissemination and embedding

Creative design, innovative methods, thorough processes and insightful results are wasted without effective dissemination. We place massive emphasis not just on what we deliver to clients – but how we deliver it. 


Mustard insight dissemination 

Mustard offers a range of solutions designed to engage audiences and help raise the profile of insight within the client’s organisation. These include:

  • Podcasts (mp3 summaries with verbatim comments)
  • Screencasts (presentations delivered as movie files)
  • Summary films (edited video highlights or stand-alone professional productions – great for segmentations)
  • Online reporting (“real time” live access to fieldwork updates and results, tailored to the needs of multiple stakeholders)
  • Workshops and consultancy (to plan actions and drive embedding strategy)
  • Advanced analytics (combining multiple data sources to drive further value)
  • Marketing collateral  (newsletters, posters, teaser-campaigns)
  • Alternative presentation packages (using Prezi as an alternative to PowerPoint for example)


Mustard summary films