Research methods

New stuff

Mustard continues to push the boundaries. We embrace technology, and are always striving to improve.

Please get in touch if you would like a demonstration or would like to see case studies of our innovative techniques in action.

Innovation overview

Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™)

Brand Alignment Monitor

The BAM allows clients to monitor alignment against the brand vision, values and ‘critical success factors’. It allows managers to understand how the brand is progressing towards the vision and true brand differentiation. It delivers simplicity, clarity, diagnosis, value, and a 360⁰ perspective, and leaves traditional ‘brand tracking’ virtually redundant.

Online communities

Mustard online research community

Mustard’s online communities are changing how clients listen to stakeholders. Delivering closeness, collaboration and co-creation like never before.


#Just-Sayin Logo

Mustard’s new solution for conducting real-time research with consumers at the point of consumption. Utilising Twitter and other social media channels which customers are using and sharing experiences through. Get in touch to hear about a  #Just-Sayin’ project recently completed with Manchester Airport Group.

Research thro’ Smartphones

Mustard’s new and “hot-off-the-press” solution for pushing surveys and other research content to customer’s smartphones – consultation in context – right time, right place.

Shopper Insight Film (Video Observation)

Mustard’s antidote to the accompanied shop. A qualitative technique whereby we film customers then ask them to review the footage and provide voiceover commentary. It gets inside the head of consumers at the point of decision making. We have recently used this technique in B2B as well as consumer contexts.