Research methods

Qualitative research

Mustard has significant qualitative research expertise. We dig deeper to uncover a better understanding of behaviour, attitudes and perceptions among service users, consumers and b2b audiences. Any agency can offer the traditional methods – focus groups, depth interviews, observations, pairs/triads – we believe we do it better.

Mustard qualitative research

More than ever, we are breaking from tradition in the qualitative methods we deploy. As societal and technological changes influence the way in which consumers converse and interact, agencies and clients must reconsider the ways in which they consult and disseminate. Unsurprisingly, online communities are our biggest growth area.

Modern qualitative research means more use of technology (through mobile devices), more hybrid techniques (reflecting multiple channels of communication) and more co-creation (as consumers / service users become more aware of what organisations are trying to achieve).

We believe we make the difference in the following ways:

  • Modernising the focus group (conflict sessions, reconvening, workshopping,  mutual-understanding sessions, carousels & events – involving clients)
  • Cutting-edge projective and questioning techniques
  • Online and mobile expertise
  • Embracing multi-media and empowering participants

We have expert moderators and facilitators and offer sophisticated and intelligent qualitative analysis and interpretation. We often use audio and video clips in order to bring the insight to life for our clients (delivering podcasts and summary films as stand-alone outputs).