Research methods

Accompanied shops / surfs

Mustard’s accompanied shopping trips (ASTs) deliver insight through our ability to ensure the customer experience is realistic and representative of the norm.

Shopper insight

We observe and experience real-life shopping trips (or website surfs) with consumers, and understand the detail of what they do, how they behave, where they go, how they feel, what they buy – and why.

We always consider a breadth of shopper missions and store formats – both can have a significant impact on the participant’s perceived success of the shop. Conducting ‘pre-shop’ and ‘post-shop’ interviews is also an important part of the process – often undertaken in home. We often extend ASTs to multiple retailers for competitor context – “research roadshows”.

Typically, accompanied shops are used to research / capture customer experience – likes, dislikes, frustrations, etc., store layout, category positioning, SKU  adjacencies, awareness, usage and reaction to signage / POS, in-store decision making processes, competitor intelligence, etc.

More retailers are looking at ways in which online channels can be optimised for an improved customer experience and for a positive return in terms of sales. Using accompanied surfs we monitor, observe and use cutting-edge eye-tracking techniques to understand how consumers and b2b audiences use websites, and what improvements might be required.