Research methods

Depth interviews

Mustard regularly recruits and conducts depth interviews for a broad range of private and public sector clients. International depth interviews are a particular speciality. Within the b2b chemicals sector alone, we have conducted over 2,000 executive depth interviews across 50 countries.

Qualitative depth interviews are particularly relevant within two contexts:

  • When consulting with senior, time poor professionals (where we agree to consult with them at a time and through a channel convenient to them)
  • When researching subjects of a more sensitive nature

Depth interviews have the benefit of understanding the intricacies of an individual - their specific needs, motivations, attitudes, behaviour, perceptions, etc. – rather than that of a ‘profile of individuals’ – where we might select group-based consultation.

We conduct depth interviews face-to-face when we need to test visual stimulus, elicit a deeper response, build trust and rapport and react to non-verbal cues.

We conduct depth interviews by telephone when there is more budget pressure and when target respondents are geographically dispersed (reducing travel time and cost). We can share visual stimulus securely online, and use Webex, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc. as needed.

Mustard depth interviews