Research methods

Mystery customer

Mustard conducts mystery customer research across the public and private sectors, including b2b as well as b2c scenarios.

Mustard mystery customer

Mystery customer (or mystery shopper research) is undertaken by clients wanting to monitor the extent to which service levels provided are in-line with expectations and requirements set down by either the organisation itself or by its regulators.

Mustard undertakes mystery customer / shopper projects in a number of guises. For example, face-to-face visits, telephone calls, online enquiries - or a combination of the above.

Mystery customer / shopper visits and experiences can be recorded - either audio or by hidden-video - to evidence examples of good and bad practice. A key element of the process is working closely with the client to ensure the scenarios being tested and explored are sufficiently realistic and varied.

A variation on the theme of mystery customer / shopper research involves recruiting actual customers / prospects to undertake the visits or calls (with preparatory training). Mystery customers / shoppers are then reconvened to participate in qualitative moderated discussion.