Research methods

Online communities

Online communities are massive news to our industry. We promise greater engagement, better moderation and improved value-for-money.

Mustard online research communities

To the uninitiated, an online community is a platform for engaging with customers / service users and engineering discussion  and collaboration. Online communities are changing the way clients and agencies listen to their stakeholders – just a click away, ready and willing to share opinions and co-create.

The Mustard online communities offer:

  • A modern research solution: using the same channels (forums and chat) that consumers use to discuss products, brands, services and advertisements
  • Guaranteed time and cost savings: instant feedback from a captive audience
  • Continuous listening and better audience engagement: closeness, richer relationships and 3-way-dialogue
  • Flexibility: a versatile open forum for clients and participants, an opportunity to research the ‘nice-to-know’ as well as the ‘need-to-know’
  • Easy to use: intuitive design, mobile friendly, built-in analysis tools and continually improving
  • More fun: better moderation, creative and motivating incentives, more reasons to re-visit and participate

Our online community solutions offer all the features you would expect – discussion threads, live chat, polling – and more.

Mustard’s advice for online communities – remember, like any other research method, they are a means-to-an-end rather than a stand-alone solution. Like all research methods, it is essential not to underestimate or neglect the valuable skills of discussion design, moderation and analysis / interpretation. You are in the safe hands of expert online qualitative researchers.

We have delivered online communities across the public and private sectors, with live communities running in retail, financial services, food & drink and leisure sectors.