Research methods

Online groups

Increasingly focus groups are moving out of viewing facilities and being conducted online. The benefits of online focus groups are numerous:

  • “Real-time” moderated discussion, just like an offline focus group, unlike an online discussion forum
  • Unlimited stimulus can be tested - images, video and audio
  • Clients can view (and participate) remotely - and can converse publicly or privately
  • Ideal for international projects - saving money on travel time and expenses (good for the environment as well as the wallet)
  • Ideal for geographically disperse, time-poor respondents who are more inclined to log-on in front of the fire than trail out of the house on a cold, rainy Tuesday night
  • Respondent participation is more within the context of where consumer decisions are made - at home or in the office rather than in a viewing facility with strangers
  • Removes the need for audio transcriptions - the ‘content’ is immediately available
  • Often more cost effective

  Mustard online groups

Participants are recruited in the same way as for a traditional focus group. They receive an invite with secure log-in details, password and instructions. Technical support is on hand throughout every session.

Solutions are compatible with all browsers and can be immediately accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a web-enabled device.

We also have multi-language capability when running online focus groups.