Research methods

Shopper Insight Film (video observation)

Our clients love the depth of insight and high impact outputs generated by our Shopper Insight Films – a qualitative research methodology devised by Mustard whereby we film shoppers then ask them to review the footage and provide voiceover commentary.

It gets us to the promised land – inside the head of consumers at the point of decision making.

Mustard shopper insight

Shopper Insight Films directly address many of the challenges associated with in-store research methods such as accompanied shops and observations. Neither the authenticity of the shop nor the depth of insight / understanding are compromised in any way.

As you can see from this example:

  • Researchers can observe shopper behaviour without interrupting the experience
  • Shoppers can explain their behaviour without interference or influence
  • Clients can see and hear shoppers at first-hand (the power of hearing the explanations whilst  seeing how they act within the environment)

High quality and totally flexible, Mustard has subsequently used this method outside of the consumer / retail context – implementing it to understand behaviour both at home and in the workplace (for B2C and B2B clients).