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Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™)

Mustard has collaborated with brand alignment experts Brand Vista to develop the Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) - the new brand measurement tool designed for the new era of branding.


It is widely accepted that the growth of social media and other smart technologies means that organisations can no longer rely on the traditional means of brand building. Successful, sustainable brands are built more by what they do than what they say. Despite this, the measurement of brand loyalty is stuck in the ‘old era’ - one dimensional brand tracking studies churning out hundreds of charts wave upon wave, with often minimal insignificant shifts in perception. The new era of branding needs a new era of brand tracking measurement.

Brand Alignment Monitor


The Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) provides clients with three things:


  • Standing: A measure and ongoing monitor of alignment against vision, values and critical success factors (relative to competitors)
  • Diagnosis: An understanding of what is working, what isn’t working, and why
  • Action: Impact on the key metrics – advocacy, satisfaction, intention to purchase, etc.


The key benefits of the Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) are equally clear:


  • 360 degree perspective – colleagues and staff within the client’s organisation are often the first to know if there is trouble brewing. The Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) takes into account the views of the internal audience as well as customers and competitor customers / open-resistors
  • Clarity – it is focused on informing organisations on how quickly they are moving towards the vision for the brand and how aligned the brand is
  • Simplicity – using ‘positive/negative’ metrics similar to the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which key stakeholders are often already aware of and keen to adopt as part of the balanced scorecard
  • Diagnosis – the BAM clearly identifies where there is brand misalignment, and is 100% actionable
  • Value for money – this is a real alternative to the six-figure brand trackers – offering more value and insight for a fraction of the investment


Brands are built from the inside out, through people, processes and products as well as communications. They are built by thousands of gestures. The Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) opens the door for brands to measure the impact and effectiveness of all interactions, helping to guide action and direct resources efficiently and effectively. Get in touch if you would like to see case studies.