Research methods

Face-to-face surveys (CAPI)

We have an extensive network of interviewers for delivering face-to-face surveys in home, on street or in retail premises.

Our supervisor network allows Mustard to conduct quantitative face-to-face surveys across the whole of the UK and beyond.

Mustard face-to-face surveys

Our face-to-face surveys encompass:

  • Street surveys / Intercept interviews - to capture public perception in a specific geographic location (often areas of higher footfall)
  • Entrance / Exit interviews - often used across retail, leisure and public services to capture data on usage / behaviour, perceptions and satisfaction
  • In-home interviews - to capture the views of residents within any given location

Technology has enhanced face-to-face interviewing as it has other research methods. We often use CAPI software (computer assisted personal interviewing), using mobile devices such as laptops, iPads and XDAs. The data from completed face-to-face surveys is continuously uploaded and quality checked, saving time and cost on printing, postage and data entry. Such devices can also capture video content.

Mustard can conduct face-to-face surveys in multiple languages when necessary. Either respondents choose the flag corresponding to their preferred language, or we provide minority-language-speaking interviewers.

We recommend face-to-face interviewing when targeting specific locations, and when we need to pick up on non-verbal cues or encourage a more detailed response.