Research methods

Postal surveys

We administer postal surveys for some of our clients.

Self completion survey

The relative proportion of market research surveys being conducted through postal or self-completion methods may be in decline, but it remains a valid route for capturing customer and service user feedback.

For instance, we design, print, distribute and analyse self-completion surveys for major UK leisure attractions. The questionnaire simply folds into a reply-paid envelope, and our clients hear from thousands of visitors right at the point they have their customer experience.

Self-completion is at its most useful as a means of capturing customer satisfaction and profiling data - clients across rail and aviation, leisure / tourism and the public sector have found it a useful means of capturing feedback at the point of consumption. Customers can give considered opinions, and depending on the circumstances, allow themselves time to think through their responses.

Mustard’s advice for self-completion / postal – don’t make the questionnaire too lengthy!