Research methods

Telephone surveys (CATI)

Mustard has an experienced in-house computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) unit capable of 4000+ telephone interviews a month.

Mustard telephone research

Telephone surveys are often undertaken when targeting specific customers or respondents (commonly from lists) and when some level of probing is required to elicit a deeper response than may be possible through online quantitative methods.

Compared with a face-to-face approach, telephone surveys have the added benefit of being generally less expensive and quicker to administer - whilst still delivering regional / national / international coverage if this is required.

We can combine telephone surveys with online solutions. If a respondent is part way through an interview but does not have time to complete we can send a link to the survey - the respondent can pick up where they left off. We also use online channels to share visual stimulus with respondents whilst telephone interviews are in progress.

The telephone unit conducts thousands of telephone surveys each year - both business-to-business (b2b research) and consumer. All of our telephone interviewers have the highest levels of communication skills and receive regular intensive training on how to conduct a professional interview in accordance with the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct and our ISO20252 approved procedures. This includes training on the use of the CATI software, as well as case studies of good and bad practice. All telephone interviewers understand how to probe for the detailed feedback, how to capture high quality verbatim comments and how to ensure interviews flow smoothly.

Operating the industry leading Confirmit software allows us to monitor all aspects of all telephone surveys. We can listen in and monitor remotely to quality check each interview and ‘export’ data mid-survey to double-check the quality of the responses. The built-in spell checker acts as an added quality assurance feature for verbatim comments.

Summary reports allow project managers (and any clients that are interested) to see the outcomes of all outbound calls - including strike rates and average interview duration. We also use Veritape call-recording software. These recordings allow us to quality check and share example telephone interviews with clients (either whole interviews or edited into summary Podcasts).