Research methods

Social media

We feel it’s rude not to listen. Right now, consumers and businesses are using social media to talk about your brand, your products and your services. Mustard offers the tools with which to listen, engage and research.

Mustard social media research

We can follow the conversations on social media, understand them, and generate insight. Mustard currently uses social media in two ways: 

Social Media Monitoring

  • Measuring, monitoring and analysing the volume, sentiment, source and content of online “brand mentions”
  • Retrospective reviews or ongoing live tracking
  • Monitor and analyse trends and spikes
  • Identify the opinion leaders and influencers
  • Add value to other ad hoc and continuous research projects (beyond pre-defined sample frameworks)

#Just-Sayin’™ (Social Media Research)


  • Engaging with social media users in real-time research
  • Catching people within the context of their brand experience – shortly after they have tweeted, checked-in, shared or blogged
  • Mirroring the channels with which they choose to publish and broadcast
  • Push participants to quantitative mobile / quant surveys, or qualitative discussion forums


Get in touch to hear about a  #Just-Sayin’ project recently completed with Manchester Airport Group.