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Every week, Hannah Barnsley compiles a list of some of the more interesting and pertinent headlines from the week's news. Scroll down to see a selection of the stories that have caught our eye in the last 7 days.

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1 in 4 parents mentally affected by their kids' exams

And 45% of parents feel they "aren't good enough as a parent" when they can't help their children through this stressful time


Norway considered happiest country

With four of the top ten spots being given to EU countries, the UK only just manages to make it into the top 20.


M&S crowned top brand for British Women

As 'major marketing changes' help the company beat John Lewis to the crown.


The Daily Mail considered the most right-winged newspaper

With 81% of us thinking the paper is on the right-wing spectrum. The Guardian is considered most left-wing and The Independent most neutral.


79% not convinced by driverless cars

As 45% of Brits say they enjoy driving too much to consider making the switch and the majority of us still don't understand what a "fully-autonomous vehicle" actually does.


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