Employment and skills research

Mustard’s knowledge of the learning and skills agenda and our strength in employer / learner engagement has been instrumental in our appointment to the following example programmes:

Employment and skills research

  • Skills Needs Assessments
  • Scenario Planning Workshops
  • Workforce Development Planning
  • Labour Market Analysis
  • Training Provider Mapping
  • Programme Evaluations
  • Employer Awareness and Satisfaction Surveys

Where we have made a difference:

  • The delivery of a large scale programme of research with employers and key stakeholders on behalf of Asset Skills to inform the development of their Sector Skills Agreement
  • A comprehensive assessment of education and training provision for the retail automotive sector on behalf of Automotive Skills to meet the requirements of the Sector Skills Agreement process
  • A large scale assessment of the current and potential future role of migrant labour in the UK food and drink manufacturing industry on behalf of Improve Ltd
  • The construction of a Labour Market Intelligence report on behalf of Energy and Utility Skills
  • Assessment of the supply chain of the UK nuclear industry to identify if the skills / competences required to meet the planned construction programme are available