Food and drink research

Mustard has worked with a broad array of food and drink clients, for organisations producing fruit juices, beer, yoghurts and dairy, cereal bars, sports nutrition products, gravy products, baking products, multivitamins, fast food, pastries and more besides.

We also recently delivered a syndicated online community in the food and drink sector – a copy of the Executive Summary is available upon request.

Where we have made a difference:


Food and drink market research



  • Brand stretch –qualitative research to explore stretch potential for major food brands
  • Segmentation – research among target audiences to find segments with greatest sales potential
  • Attitudes towards new product concepts – measuring strength of appeal, needs and motivations, triggers and barriers to purchase
  • Product testing – feedback on new product varieties
  • Ad testing and development (including TV, radio, digital and outdoor)
  • Packaging research – testing appeal and strength of new packaging designs