Government and local authority research

Mustard has over 20 years’ experience of working for clients across the public sector.

In addition to our impressive Healthcare credentials, we have worked extensively with government agencies (some still in existence – like the Food Standards Agency, others consigned to history like the Regional Development Agencies). We also work closely with many local authorities and Local Strategic Partnerships.

Our research for Local Government bodies has focused on a broad range of subjects, including labour market assessments and employment interventions, business development and support, resident satisfaction and attitudinal studies, service evaluations and childcare sufficiency research.

Where we have made a difference:

  • Resident consultations: sampling public opinion to understand the views of local residents, capturing perceptions of strong performance and issues of concern, evaluating the effectiveness of policies and identifying future priorities
  • Business community consultations: from large scale multinationals to SMEs, exploring attitudes, levels of optimism, support requirements and satisfaction with advice services
  • Hard-to-reach groups: by engaging, understanding and giving a voice to hard-to-reach members of society, such as individuals living in deprived areas, black and ethnic minority groups, those not in education, employment or training (NEET) and young, old and disabled people, we have helped our clients to develop inclusive polices and services
  • Service user consultations: assessing levels of satisfaction and advocacy to monitor standards, identify areas for improvement and help ensure the delivery of high quality public services
  • Staff consultations: insight into satisfaction, optimism and loyalty. Also, assessments of the effectiveness of internal communications, team working and management styles to identify areas of current strength and recommendations for action
  • Other stakeholders: we have significant experience of engaging representatives at all levels (from delivery to leadership), either independently or in groups