Health and social care research

Mustard has developed a strong reputation in understanding the underpinning issues associated with the health sector. We have two areas of steely focus:

  • Behaviour change: We remain passionately committed to delivering action-focused insight in areas where behavioural change can be achieved for social benefit
  • Needs / service experience assessments: We have also built a considerable bank of expertise in generating insight to help clients deliver services more closely aligned with public and patient desires and needs

Our team has developed practical experience in delivering public and patient engagement exercises, from exploring propositions around service redesign to the issues faced in rebuilding and relocating clinical facilities. We have consulted with those delivering services (we regularly survey NHS staff), as well as those accessing services (young people and adults).

Where we have made a difference: 

  • Segmentation research: analysis of young people’s behaviour in relation to “healthy lifestyles”, to understand priority targets and messaging for social marketing campaigns
  • Communications testing and development: for various campaigns ranging from breastfeeding to bowel cancer screening
  • Patient experience assessment programmes
  • Consultations to understand how to encourage behaviour change in issues ranging from alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, sexual health / contraception and drug use
  • Research and consultation to inform service re-design (including cardiology, pain management and vascular checks)
  • Non-user service perceptions (and barriers to usage) – e.g. screening programmes

Healthcare market research