Leisure and tourism research

Leisure and tourism research (including research for visitor attractions, travel brands, leisure facilities and sports / arts) has been one of the biggest growth areas for Mustard over the last few years.

We understand that it is a time of change, but also a time of opportunity in the leisure sector as purchase and consumption behaviours have been transformed by technology and the economy.

Our experience is vast and our credentials impressive, having worked with some of the biggest brands in the sector. We have conducted qualitative research and ongoing quantitative tracking for many of the brands within the Merlin Entertainments Group, across the UK and throughout the world.

In addition, we have recently consulted with airport users, golfers, cinema go-ers, heritage enthusiasts, international visitors and those on city breaks, zoo visitors, night-clubbers, online gamers, football fans, caravaners, bingo players, etc.

Where we have made a difference:

  • Brand tracking research (BAMâ„¢ surveys to measure brand alignment against vision and values)
  • Usage & Attitude Studies (U&As) to understand visitor / non-visitor behaviour and perceptions
  • Market segmentation studies to understand diverse needs / motivations and areas of opportunity
  • Consultations to understand service users expectations regarding social media engagement
  • Proposition development research (testing possible new attractions)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to understand service experience and areas for improvement

Tourist attraction market research