Technology, telecoms and software research

Mustard has experience in the telecoms sector (research on behalf of device manufacturers and networks), and we have worked with several technology companies, software companies and dotcoms.

We use a range of innovative techniques to allow both b2b and consumer audiences to future-think, and we understand the importance of conducting research within the context of when technology “enablers” are weaving their magic – be that in the home, in the workplace, in store or in transit.

Where we have made a difference:

  • Innovation – helping our client develop new products and services for the scientific community based around identifying frustrations and unmet needs
  • Concept testing and development – including new high-end technology for use in laboratories and hospitals
  • Segmentation research – identifying discreet customer segments and appending segment codes back to databases for targeting products / communications
  • Conjoint studies to test perceived benefits associated with new pricing models for software
  • Product research – including qualitative and quantitative research focused on awareness, perceptions, triggers and barriers, etc.
  • Communications research – helping our clients optimise their online and offline communications and CRM strategies

Technology market research