What we do

What we do

We help our clients make better, more informed decisions.

We show them how to make and save money. We show them what steps and actions need to be taken to improve satisfaction. We show them how to gain competitive advantage. We show them cost effective solutions for delighting customers, improving experiences and instigating repeat purchasing. We show them how to present themselves and how to communicate with customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

Mustard What We Do

The most common business applications for Mustard research and insight include: 

Branding and brand loyalty

We help clients to better understand how their brand is perceived versus competitors

We help clients measure and monitor their brand awareness and brand alignment

We help clients rebrand 

Customer satisfaction

We help clients understand all stages of the customer journey (from enquiry to delivery) – and key pinch points for delivering exceptional service

We help clients understand the emotions of the customer experience, to deliver more empathetic service

We measure, monitor and interrogate satisfaction, propensity to recommend (NPS), etc.  

Customer acquisition and customer retention

We help clients understand product/service usage, attitudes and behaviours

We help clients prioritise and target by delivering commercially strategic and value-led segmentations

We deliver pragmatic recommendations on how to maximise sales / acquisition and minimise churn 


We help clients understand what unmet needs exist among key stakeholders

We work with clients to convert these needs into opportunity concepts

We work with clients and their customers / service users to develop and test these concepts 

New product and concept testing and development

We help develop and improve concepts for new products, services, communications and behaviour change

We help measure awareness and impact of communication, the likelihood to buy and the appeal of new products, services, communications, etc.

We provide key service delivery analysis and realignment of processes, ensuring communications and interventions are fit for purpose

Engagement and relationship building

We provide insight to inform behaviour change, and help our clients get closer to customers / citizens / service users through engaging consultations

We help by being able to engage with harder-to-reach groups (researching young people, offenders, people from BAME backgrounds)

We help by having a broad range of dissemination tools to deliver insight with impact – through workshops, films and online  

Evaluations and impact assessments

We help clients make better use of existing data sources (literature and secondary data reviews)

We help clients understand the value of investments made and the areas of future priority

We help clients to understand economic and social benefit