What we do

Concept and product development and testing

Mustard conducts research for new product and service propositions (NPD research), for communications, and for new packaging concepts and designs. This includes both qualitative methods for development / improvement and quantitative methods for awareness measurement and testing.

We help, using qualitative research methods, to develop and improve concepts for new products, new services, pack designs, communications and behaviour change

We help, using quantitative research methods, to measure and track awareness and impact of communications, likelihood to buy and the appeal of new products, services, communications, etc.

We provide key service delivery analysis and realignment of processes, ensuring communications and interventions are fit for purpose

We work in close partnership and collaborate with advertising, PR, social marketing and digital agencies to provide aligned solutions for concepts and communications

We deliver insight and understanding of how to take concepts forward. We do not deliver reportage or unrealistic recommendations

Concept testing and development

Our clients cannot afford to stand still. As such, they are constantly looking at ways to differentiate their product, service and communications. Concept testing and development remains a key research application, and we employ a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methods to this end (focus groups, online surveys and hall tests to name but a few).

Our most recent work has involved developing new insurance propositions, testing TV advertising concepts, finalising new pack designs, understanding literature comprehension (testing for compliance with FCA regulations), as well as pre-post campaign surveys and ad trackers.

Examples from the public sector include the development and testing of social marketing and behavioural change communications, delivering campaigns to encourage breastfeeding, healthy lifestyles and screening programmes, and campaigns to discourage smoking, alcohol and drug misuse (amongst both young people and adults).