What we do

Customer satisfaction

Mustard was founded on delivering customer satisfaction research, and our expertise includes customer satisfaction tracking, customer journey mapping and customer experience management.

We help clients to map and understand all stages of the customer journey (from enquiry to delivery) – and key pinch points for delivering exceptional customer service

We help clients understand the emotions of the customer experience, to deliver more empathetic service at each touch point

We measure, monitor and interrogate customer satisfaction, propensity to recommend (NPS), etc.

We help determine what drives value and brand loyalty in the marketplace, and evaluate what differentiates ‘advocates’ from 'passives' and ‘detractors’

We provide clients with real-time access to satisfaction data via online portals

We bring customer experiences to life through our film and video capability

 Mustard customer satisfaction

Our business was born out of customer satisfaction tracking. Indeed ‘customer insight’ was a former trading name before we grew into complementary areas of customer research and insight. Mustard continues to provide customer satisfaction research across a range of industries, both in the UK and internationally.

Each model and programme has been bespoke, reflecting the different needs of clients, their industries, competitive environment, service offers, culture and customers. Our models have covered businesses with a customer base running in the millions to those with less then 10 customers. We come with no pre-conceived ideas – our programmes are always developed following a process of review and qualitative consultation.