What we do

Engagement and relationship building

Mustard specialises in providing solutions for delivering engagement both in terms of engagement with customers / service users as well as internal clients and other stakeholders. Our online communities provide new levels of inisght and immersion, and we have numerous other tools that help our clients build relationships with multiple priority audiences.

We provide insight to inform behaviour change, and help our clients get closer to customers, citizens and service users through engaging consultation

We help by being able to engage with harder-to-reach groups (researching young people, offenders, people from BAME backgrounds)

We help by having a broad range of dissemination tools to deliver insight with impact - through workshops, film and online

 Engagement and relationship building


Engaging with respondents


For many individuals, engagement with mainstream activities is a significant challenge. Barriers to participation such as age, race, religion, poverty, worklessness, substance misuse, criminal background and geographical location can all contribute to social and economic exclusion. Understanding the reasons behind these barriers presents a significant challenge for businesses and public sector agencies alike, particularly in the context of engaging with, developing and delivering services to these hard-to-reach groups.


We know how to engage with children and young people. We know the importance of not oversimplify the issues or making assumptions. We have engaged with children and young people on diverse issues such as healthy eating, active lifestyles, sexual health, tobacco use, alcohol use, advocacy and support services, community cohesion and safety.


We know how to engage with other traditionally ‘harder-to-reach’ groups.  We have developed numerous approaches and methods (including the traditional and the innovative) to encourage people from a diverse range of backgrounds to participate in consultation.  Our research provides a genuine voice for those individuals who feel excluded from the mainstream. For example, we have engaged with hard-to-reach groups to understanding motivations of offenders to participate in learning, to understand the support needs of BME owned businesses, to explore attitudes to breast feeding amongst South Asian women, to understand the behavioural motivators of men aged over 50 at risk of hospitalisation due to alcohol misuse.



Connecting clients to respondents


We complete the virtuous circle of engagement by knowing how to connect our clients to respondents – their customers, prospects, citizens, service users. Mustard offers a range of solutions designed to disseminate and help raise the profile of insight within the client’s organisation.


We have developed toolkits to guide public sector staff in engaging and supporting hard-to-reach and socially excluded groups. We have developed bespoke online portals and online communities which provide instant access to insights and allow for open, three-way dialogue between respondents, researchers and clients. We deliver our research outputs through creative media – summary films, podcasts, screencasts, etc.