Updated: Congratulations to Simon Pang – a wireless mouse is currently scurrying its way down the M6 in your direction!

We randonly selected one lucky winner from our list of followers (new or old) at the end of August.

Why a wireless mouse?   We often ask our focus group respondents to bring along “brand icons” – items that they feel represent our clients’ brands. We have done the same for our brand in the past, and have distributed various bits and pieces to our clients to encapsulate what it means to be Mustard.   We saw this wireless mouse and thought the brand icon tradition should be revived!

So why is Mustard like a wireless mouse?

We are nimble

We can move quickly and easily. We can change direction at short notice.

We are tech-geeks

Our technology-led innovations are changing the way insight is captured and disseminated

We have no strings to hold us down

We are free-thinkers who like to challenge and be challenged

And we LOVE cheese

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