Healthier looking hair – just by switching brushes

Mustard has been collaborating with its client Tangle Teezer on a programme of research to better understand how switching brushes can improve perceptions of hair appearance and condition.

The research, conducted among 187 women over a 30 day period, has proven that Tangle Teezer is no ordinary hairbrush. Not only does it detangle and style, it also leaves hair feeling and looking healthier.

So much so, in fact, that the research is playing a starring role in Tangle Teezer’s “30 days to Yeah Hair” campaign.

Mustard recruited 200 women (with a broad mix of hair types) to an online community, and conducted regular surveys at the start, during and after the trial to capture perceptions of hair appearance and condition. In addition to the surveys, participants uploaded photos and videos of themselves using the different test brushes and posted comments on a discussion forum about their experiences.

From the start, it was clear that when it comes to talking about hair, there’s a lot of despair and despondency around. Respondents described their hair as “hating me and plots against me – it just refuses to sit in a style that resembles presentable”. Some went as far to say, “I think if my hair were a film it’d be Corpse Bride”. Few described their hair as any better than “average”.

But despair turned to joy during the course of the trial, as a majority of those that switched to a Tangle Teezer reported fast and continued improvement over the 30 days. This included:

– 71% who described their hair as healthier looking
– 83% who said that since using a Tangle Teezer, they have lost less hair whilst brushing
– 78% who said their hair felt smoother
– 73% who said their hair was in better condition
– 73% who described their hair as shinier

Users of the new thick & curly brush, in particular, saw amazing results, with 89% who said they had smoother hair after using the thick & curly Tangle Teezer for 30days

Beyond being quick and easy to use, participants commented that their hair also appeared stronger, softer, thicker, more voluminous and silkier.

healthy hair by changing brushes

Example comments from the research participants:

“The cocoa bean shaped hair brush has been a miracle worker.”

“I’ve never been so happy about a brush before.”

“These brushes have changed my hair for the better, my hair looks healthier and shinier than before.”

“I would rate this Tangle Teezer 5/5 – with such a high rating you want to know why. The Tangle Teezer is a brush which carefully glides through wet or dry hair with ease, breaking through knots and tangles with ease.”

“It’s weird that a brush can make your hair feel better rather than all the numerous products that have been a waste of time.”

“My hair looks so much healthier. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a brush can have such a massive effect on your hair.”

“The old brush doesn’t stand a chance against this one. I never found my hair to feel this soft and silky before and never thought a brush could change this. I honestly did not expect to actually find a difference between brushes.”

“Who would have thought a brush could change the condition, texture and appearance of your hair so much?! Well, not me that’s for sure. I have to admit that I was sceptical that a brush could make such a difference to your hair, but the Tangle Teezer certainly does.”

“This brush has been so much better than I could have imagined. I mean a brush is just a brush right? Wrong! The Tangle Teezer is a genius invention. Glides through my tangles with ease, no pulling or tugging or pain. My hair feels fuller, silkier and more manageable.”

“I haven’t needed to use my straighteners ONCE! Blow-drying, especially with the blow-styling tool achieves a beautifully straight look that I love! I’m always happier the less heat I’m using!”

“My daughter thought it was amazing. She has hair way past her bottom and it glided through with no tears at all. I’m very impressed.”

Richard Walker, director, commenting on the research said,

“It is hard to recall such a positive response to a product test or trial. All of our research is conducted with the intention of making a difference to our clients and ultimately their customers. Yet through this programme of research, we have quite inadvertently created a whole cohort of Tange Teezer brand evangelists, who have been taken from despair and initial scepticism and to ultimate hair nirvana.”

Jacqui Ripley, chief creative officer at Tangle Teezer, said,

“Mustard is our go-to research agency. Mustard recruits women to its online forum, and through the comments they receive, the uploaded videos and their incisive analysis, we have been able to fine-tune both product design and supporting communications. The agency are a pleasure to deal with and keep us in the loop during every step of the research process.”

Tangle Teezer sells 20 hairbrushes a minute, and exports to over 70 countries. Mustard’s online qualitative research tools have played a pivotal role in the recent launches of new brushes – including the Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush and the blow-styling Smoothing Tools

This research was carried out in May 2016, in accordance with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct.

In a trial lasting 30 days, 187 women replaced their existing brush with a Tangle Teezer brush (The Original, the Thick & Curly, or the Blowstyle Tangle Teezer).  Improvement in hair was measured across metrics such as hair smoothness, shininess, condition, and softness etc.