Amy Harrod looks back at February antics…

Good riddance Dry January, February is where the parties are at (and the pancakes)!

1.       Pancakes and Pilsner at Alberts Schloss

We spent Shrove Tuesday lunch time in bonkers Bavarian Bier Palace, Alberts Schloss, located under the stunning Albert Hall on Peter Street. This German beer hall serves up hearty fare and heaps of beer from a giant tank suspended above the impressive bar. For today only, it was also serving pancakes. We chose the bacon and maple syrup variety washed down with a pilsner from the tank. Delicious!


2.       Yoga at Ashtanga Manchester

Bronagh and I braved yoga this month at the lovely Ashtanga Manchester Studio behind Kendals. Our downward dogs need some work and I was at my happiest wrapped in a blanket for relaxation but I’ll be back. It was a great workout, well taught and a perfect way to destress after a day at Mustard HQ


3.       Free Drinks Friday at Black Dog Ballroom

This month we kicked off free drinks Friday at Black Dog Ballrooms Fizz Face Friday (try saying that after a few half price Proseccos)!

The new place to start your weekend, this night promises a ‘Blow out after work with bubbles and boon.” We chose the New Wakefield Street venue, which had plenty of bubbles but no Boon and the whole place lacked a little atmosphere. We made the most of the fabulous drinks offers and danced our way in to Cane and Grain. Maybe next month we’ll try the NQ venue, which I hear also serves up chicken wings, pizza and of course local legend Clint Boon on the decks. My dancing shoes are already polished.


4.       Dogs Day Out at Kosmonaut

Dexter, our canine colleague was treated to lunch out with the team this month. A quick Google search, confirmed that Kosmonaut, located on the edge of the Northern Quarter was doggy friendly. The place was pretty dead and yet Dexter was the only one who seemed to get much attention with a pat from the waitress and a water bowl. We got a cheeseburger instead of a chicken burger and when it finally did show up, it was raw! The staff were apologetic but this place needs to up its game, with so much competition in the Northern Quarter, they can’t rest on their ‘dogs allowed’ policy alone.

dog in bar


5.       Radio Ad Bingo at Mustard HQ

This month Jack introduced our very own version of the classic Bingo game. Inspired by Albert Halls new Bongo Bingo night but instead of glow sticks and catwalks we had really bad commercial radio adverts. With prizes such as Dido’s smash hit album, Life For Rent and a sparkly cowboy hat, the competition was on and the eyes were down. Congratulations to Victoria for her Full House.  

radio bingo