So this week is officially British Sandwich Week (11-17th May). Yes you read that correctly – the nation’s love of sandwiches means that we get to celebrate our love for them.National Sandwich week, Mustard Research, Manchester

The fact a whole week is dedicated made me curious to find out more. Now I like a sandwich as much as the next person but even I was a little shocked to learn that UK consumers are currently consuming nearly 11 billion sandwiches per year*.

I decided to find out what the ultimate sandwich was amongst the UK public, and by running a poll on Toluna (where we had 3,563 responses) the results are in.

The nation’s favourite sandwich is…drum roll…

National Sandwich week, Mustard Market research, Insights, Manchester


 national Sandwich, Mustard Market research

12% of people prefer to tuck into a feast of bacon and bread. 

Closely followed by.

 Mustard research Insights, Manchester


There were slight differences by gender with male respondents being more likely to love a bacon butty (or sandwich if butty means nothing to you!) than females, 16% compared to 10%.

Surprisingly, a massive 69% of our respondents preferred a traditional sandwich with classic fillings such as cheese and onion. Just 31% prefer to be daring enough to marry ingredients such as chorizo and rocket or the delectable chicken tikka. 

I have to admit I’m happy with the results and bacon is definitely a firm favourite of mine.

(* source: The British Sandwich Association)

If you would like to debate with Anthony on his choice of sandwich or know of any mind blowing sandwich shops here in Manchester get in touch via Twitter @MustardAnthony