Happy #NotMustard Week!

In case you forgot to put the date in the diary, this week is officially #NotMustard week.

We are NOT suggesting you swap condiments – or for that matter seek out alternative market research suppliers.

#NotMustard Week is a chance to celebrate all the things we’re not. The anti-Mustard.

For example:

  • Missing deadlines #NotMustard
  • Saying embarrassing things in front of the internal client #NotMustard
  • Salesmen who disappear #NotMustard


  • Over promising (and under delivering) #NotMustard
  • Choreographed team building initiatives #NotMustard
  • Parrot-fashion debriefing #NotMustard
  • Playing it safe #NotMustard
  • Charging hidden extras / expenses #NotMustard
  • Death by PowerPoint #NotMustard


  • Thinking not doing #NotMustard
  • Over complicating #NotMustard
  • Clichés #NotMustard


So what is Mustard?

Mustard is a team of talented researchers who obsess about making a difference.

We are here to provide better quality insights, to help our clients make better, more informed decisions.

If you want to know more then get in touch. Or keep an eye on the #NotMustard hashtag to find out more about what we’re not about!