We believe the world deserves better ad, brand and customer experience tracking research.

It needs protecting from the Jokers and the Riddlers pedalling spurious measures that don’t seem to move from wave to wave.

It needs a solution for how brands are built today.

We have the solution.

Even better, it isn’t fictitious. Nor is it repelled by Kryptonite.

It makes a difference.

Customer experience tracking research

The Brand Alignment Monitor (we, for obvious reasons, prefer to call it the BAM!) is the brainchild of our partners and collaborators at Brand Vista. We share offices, philosophies and a passion for irresistable customer experiences. Since it was launched, the BAM has made waves. It has been the measuring-tool-in-chief for brands across sectors to better understand where they are aligned, where they are misaligned and (most importantly) what to do about it. You can’t blame us for feeling like superheroes.

For more information or for a demonstration, get in touch with Colin on +44 (0)161 235 5270.