Straight from the Pokémon Trainers’ mouths

Whether you love it or hate it, since its launch less than two weeks ago, new mobile game Pokémon GO has taken over the lives and lunch breaks of many at Mustard – as well as the rest of the world. The smartphone app allows gamers (or Pokémon Trainers), to seek out and catch Pokémon in the “real world.” Pokémon GO already has 21 million daily active users and has been downloaded more times than dating app Tinder. Users are on the app for an average 33 minutes a day, more than Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, allowing Nintendo to rake in roughly $1.6 million; daily.

Given the number of headlines Pokémon GO has dominated, our favourite being the Porygon induced stampede in Sydney, we wanted to find out why the app was taking the world by storm.

Bronagh and Amy took to the streets of Manchester to hear what the locals had to say about the latest trend in mobile gaming and gained a little insight into why Pokémon GO is such a hit…straight from the Pokémon Trainers’ mouths.

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