Top 10 Brands of the Year 2015

2016 continues full steam ahead, but this week we are taking a retrospective glance back to 2015.

The Mustard team has been musing over which brands are deserving of a place in our top 10 countdown. From a shortlist of 40+ contenders, we now have our definitive best brand ranking.

Of course there are common threads that run through the brands that have been deemed to have “cut it” with Mustard.

There are brands that have inspired us with their single-mindedness and consistent delivery of promises. There are brands that have been lauded for their longevity and ability to evolve. There are brands that have delivered exceptional comms campaigns. There are brands that have fitted in seamlessly into the way we live our lives, and others that have changed the way we live our lives. There are also innovator and challenger brands that have shaken the foundations of the markets they have entered with new super-compelling propositions.

What is most striking, however, is how many of the best brands of 2015 are those that have focused, delivered and been judged on what they do over what they say. This is the year that brands have begun waking up to the “experience rules” philosophy.

The Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM) tracking solution was developed with our partners at Brand Vista with this philosophy in mind. In 2015 we had more clients from more sectors signing up to this new way of measuring brand performance. Those brands that have been with us a while and have 2-3 years of tracking data and analysis are seeing their alignment scores improve as each wave has pointed to definitive action-points.

For more information on the Brand Alignment Monitor, please get in touch with Colin or Richard.

Top 10 Brands of the Year 2015:

10. Buzzfeed

9. Spotify

8. Amazon

7. Fitbit

6. Airbnb

The Top 5

5. Star Wars: Brand Republic recently reported that Star Wars has helped Disney supersede Lego in the Brand Finance powerful brands league table.

“The Force Awakens was the fastest film to gross $1 billion (12 days), highest grossing opening weekend worldwide in the history of cinema, highest grossing film in North American box office history, highest grossing film in UK AND Ireland box office history. It was also the brand that every other brand wanted an piece of as well to enhance their own brands – from Google, to LEGO, to General Mills, to Spotify, to Subway. Even Star Wars branded oranges…!” Gareth Hodgson


4. Netflix: A simple proposition that has fit into our increasingly busy schedules – “watch TV programmes & films anytime, anywhere”

“Because “Netflix and chill” is a thing now!” Bethan Turner
“I would nominate Netflix because it has had such a big impact on the way in which people watch TV, with subscribers able to “binge-watch” on demand. Amongst under 16s who watch TV, Netflix was also recently found to be more popular than any conventional television channel. It has even given rise to the euphemism “Netflix and chill” (how many brands can be said to have done that!)” Jen Monaghan


3. Google: Aside from the relative low take up of Google+ and the recent tax controversy, Google recently overtook Apple as the world’s most valuable listed company and remains an incredibly powerful brand that is embedded in everyday life.

“The Hoover of its generation, where would we be without the best search engine?” Francis Walsh


2. Aldi: Number one in YouGov’s BrandIndex ranking but number two in our list. Aldi has also recently been named the best place to buy wine in the UK!

“Honest advertising, you can tell they are working hard to change the public’s perceptions on quality not just price” Bronagh Lavery


And our best brand of 2015 goes to…

1. Uber: How to shake-up a sector. There has been controversy aplenty, but also millions of converts to the taxi hailing app that directly connects drivers with passengers.

“Instantly removed every frustration I ever had with taxi companies” Richard Walker
“For reducing my taxi fare home by 50%” Amy Harrod
“I think this might get a few nominations, but fair play. It’s a brand that takes all the issues people have with taxis and removes them. It is a perfect example of modernisation” Jack Melton Bradley
“Predictably Uber – for disrupting the UK taxi market and providing a positive service experience” Colin Auton

Honourable mentions to a selection of brands just missing out this year – James Bond, Nakd bars, Lidl, Sport England, Apple, Deliveroo, Under Armour, John Lewis, Sky,, Instagram and Protein World to name but a few.

We would love to know how our countdown of the best brands of 2015 matches against your own thoughts and experiences. Join the conversation below or on Twitter #bestbrands.