We are pleased to officially announce the official listings of the Top 50 PR companies in the North for 2015.

This is the third year that Mustard has delivered this initiative – in association with Prolific North – and we are delighted by the positive response it has received from within and outside the industry.

Some headlines from this year’s list:

  • Citypress climb to the top of the pile for the first time having posted double-digit turnover and headcount growth.
  • Mainfest Communications and Finn Communications are also climbers in the top 10 – up to 4th and 6th respectively
  • The biggest rise in the rankings is a climb of 35 places for Liverpool’s Influential PR – from 47th to 12th
  • 2014 also seems to have been a good year for the likes of The Write Angle (up to 17th), Smoking Gun PR (up to 19th), Lucre (up to 21st), Acceleris (up to 25th) and MCG PR (up to 28th).
  • There are also several new entries in the Top 50. Carousel PR (who narrowly missed the top 50 last year, now sit 24th). Other new entries include Democracy (31st), PR Agency One (35th), JAMpr (41st), Plinkfizz (42nd), Prohibition PR (45th), Manc Frank (46th), Brand8 PR (48th), Faith PR (49th) and Down at the Social (50th).

The rankings in full:

1 Citypress https://www.citypress.co.uk/ Manchester
2 Tangerine PR https://www.tangerinepr.com/ Manchester
3 Weber Shandwick https://webershandwick.co.uk Manchester
4 Manifest Comms https://manifestcomms.co.uk/ Leeds and Manchester
5 Good Relations Regional https://goodrelations.co.uk/ Macclesfield
6 Finn Communications https://www.finncomms.com/ Leeds
7 Barrett Dixon Bell https://www.bdb.co.uk/ Altrincham
8 Brazen PR https://www.brazenpr.com/ Manchester
9 Beattie Communications Group https://www.beattiegroup.com/ Leeds
10 Corporate Culture Ltd https://www.corporateculture.co.uk/ Liverpool
11 Havas PR UK https://www.havaspr.co.uk/ Manchester
12 Influential PR (formerly Paver Smith) www. thisisinfluential.com Liverpool
13 Kenyon Fraser https://www.kenyons.co.uk/ Liverpool
14 SKV PR https://www.skvcommunications.co.uk/ Manchester
15 Peppermint Soda https://www.peppermintsoda.co.uk/ Manchester
16 Scott Partnership https://www.scottpr.com/ Holmes Chapel
17 The Write Angle https://www.peppermintsoda.co.uk/ Chorley
18 Freshfield Public Relations https://www.freshfield.com/ Preston
19 Smoking Gun https://smokinggunpr.co.uk/ Manchester
20 Pelican Public Relations https://www.pelicancommunications.co.uk/ Oldham
21 Lucre https://www.lucre.co.uk/ Leeds
22 RMS PR, Design & Marketing https://www.carouselpr.com/ Altrincham
23 Mason Williams Ltd https://www.mason-williams.co.uk/ Manchester
24 Judge & Howard https://www.judgeandhoward.com Manchester
24 Carousel PR https://www.carouselpr.com Manchester
25 Acceleris https://www.acceleris-mc.com/ Harrogate
26 Hatch Communications https://www.hatchcommunications.co.uk/ Leeds
27 Context Public Relations https://www.contextpr.co.uk/ Macclesfield
28 MCG PR https://www.mcgpr.co.uk/ Leeds
29 iseepr https://www.iseepr.co.uk/ Otley
30 The Partners Group https://www.partners-group.co.uk York
31 Democracy https://wearedemocracy.co.uk/ Manchester
32 de Winter PR & Marketing Ltd https://www.thinkdewinter.co.uk/ Chester
33 Roland Dransfield PR https://www.rdpr.co.uk/ Manchester
34 HR Media Ltd https://www.hrmedia.org.uk/ Sheffield
35 PR Agency One https://www.pragencyone.co.uk/ Manchester
36 DTW https://www.dtw.co.uk/ Guisborough
37 Label PR https://www.labelpr.co.uk/ Manchester
38 Active Profile https://www.activeprofile.co.uk/ Manchester and Liverpool
39 IPB Communications https://www.ipbcommunications.co.uk/ Sale
40 Dragonfly Public Relations Ltd https://www.dragonflypr.co.uk/ Rotherham
41 JAMpr Ltd https://www.jampr.co.uk/ Manchester
42 Plinkfizz https://www.plinkfizz.com/about/ Newcastle-under-Lyme
43 Umpf https://www.umpf.co.uk/ Leeds
44 Hattrick PR https://www.hattrickpr.co.uk/ Manchester
45 Prohibition PR https://prohibitionpr.co.uk/ Leeds
46 MANC FRANK https://www.mancfrank.com/ Manchester
47 MTJ Associates Ltd https://mtjpr.co.uk/ Leyland
48 Brand8 PR https://www.brand8pr.com/ Leeds
49 Faith PR (Reg as – Kloog Business Dev Ltd?) https://faith-pr.co.uk/ Brighouse
50 Down at the Social https://www.downatthesocial.co.uk/ Manchester