12 ways in which our online communities make the difference

Not all online communities are the same.

Mustard’s online communities are clearly different. When we say different – we really mean better. Our market research online community proposition stands apart from others – not just in terms of what we do, but how we do it.

1. Some are more creative than others

Our research participants give us more when we use projective techniques and make activities fun and interactive – delivering deeper insights.

2. Some are more intuitive than others

Our platform feels instantly familiar, is mobile-first and its simple interface actively encourages participation.

3. Some are more loved than others

We keep our members engaged by making them feel valued and providing close-the-loop feedback.

4. Some work harder than others

Our approach encourages and rewards both volume, frequency and “value” of contributions. It is accessible anywhere and each participant receives personalised notifications and “to-do” lists.

5. Some last longer than others

We have delivered communities that last more than a year. Others are scheduled to be live for just a few days.

6. Some are more hands-on than others

We always get hands-on with our moderation so our members are highly engaged. Our clients can be as “hands-on” or “hands-off” as they wish.

Hands on online communities

7. Some are more controversial than others

Subject areas have been as varied from euthanasia  to .pet food preferences. Sometimes we “design in” conflict to provide a deeper understanding of issues.

8. Some are larger than others

From communities of thousands to communities of 10 (and fewer) – regardless of size, we ensure members feel  personally part of something inclusive and important.

9. Some are more enjoyable than others

We pride ourselves on generating “real” communities where relationships blossom. We’ve had petitions when communities finish. Our members enjoy them, and we do too.

10. Some are more interactive than others

Our communities are much more than text-chat. We encourage uploading of photo and video as well as virtual pin-boards (for collages / mood-boards), diaries, heat-maps,  etc.

11. Ours are more flexible and versatile

We’ve got all the tools and we know how to use them and when to use them. We get better results by remaining focused on clients’ commercial objectives, hand-crafting research solutions accordingly.

12. Ours are more attentively delivered

We understand it’s not about the technology – it’s about people. Engaging with people, motivating people – encouraging, responding and rewarding. We build better relationships and generate better insight.

Not all online market research communities are the same.

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