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Brand Research

Mustard has vast experience of conducting brand research across all stages of the journey – from understanding perceptions of brands versus key competitors to inform the development of new brand propositions, through to tracking brand awareness, perceptions, health and alignment and assessing to what extent our clients own a desired territory in the market. This experience extends across a number of sectors and markets.

Our approach

Our approach varies from client to client, according to where they are in their journey and what other strategic partners they might be working with. We get involved at all stages of the journey – from exploration through to proposition development, brand validation and tracking. Alternatively we can work with you on one or two stages only, providing the research support and expertise as and when required in line with your insight needs.

BR magnify

Often the first step for clients is to help them to better understand perceptions of their brand relative to key competitors in the market.

This need can be triggered by many things: by the need to develop a new brand proposition, as part of due diligence related to acquisition, or following a merger / acquisition where insight is needed to inform architecture.

Typically brand exploration involves qualitative research with customers, prospects, staff and / or other key stakeholders. We use various methods, projective techniques and interactive questioning – to elicit sub-conscious perceptions of brands and to identify potential gaps or territories that might help deliver positive differentiation.

Insight captured during the exploration phase can be used to develop brand propositions for testing in the wider market. Typically we facilitate workshops with key staff and other key partners. We use an established process, incorporating creative techniques and interactive sessions to generate brand territories. These are used as stepping stones to develop potential brand propositions for testing in the wider market place.

We offer this capability working alongside strategic partners with expertise in this area. Alternatively we can work with or provide support to any marketing or branding agencies that you are working with to develop your brand proposition.

BR Target Audience

We have vast expertise in testing potential brand propositions, and have developed a standard and proven methodology. Typically this involves conducting quantitative research, and we use a set of metrics to assess the relative appeal of each proposition and to what extent it resonates with key target audiences and segments. Our outputs allow you to make informed decisions to finalise the brand proposition to take forward for your business.

Mustard delivers brand tracking research for a broad range of clients across industries and sectors as diverse as theme parks, tier one business schools, racecourses, insurance, medicolegal advice / indemnity and pork pies.

Today brands perceptions are increasingly being driven by customer experience rather than marketing and communications. To reflect this, we partnered with brand and customer experience alignment specialists Brand Vista to develop the Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAMTM).

How global brand research helped Royal & SunAlliance re-position as RSA

Mustard was instrumental in helping Royal & SunAlliance to re-brand as RSA globally and validate the brand proposition to inform its future direction and positioning.

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How Mustard helped Stanley Black & Decker

Mustard worked with Stanley Black & Decker to help them develop their brand strategy for a new company acquisition across five European markets.

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