Setting the scene

Mustard worked with Adra to revamp its customer satisfaction programme and deliver real-time, insightful and actionable data and results.

The context

One of Adra’s corporate aims is to provide excellent customer service to its tenants. A lot of time and resources were being invested into measuring service performance amongst customers and making improvements. Despite this, overall satisfaction levels remained static and below average for the housing sector.

What we did

We started by completing an audit of our client’s approach to measuring customer service performance. This review highlighted that the current customer feedback programme wasn’t providing Adra with a clear picture of how it was performing and where it needed to focus efforts to improve satisfaction and advocacy levels. We then worked with the client to develop a more planned and co-ordinated methodology to gather feedback from tenants on the service received. This included designing new questionnaires to capture views and setting up an online portal to provide staff with 24/7 access to survey results and individual feedback in real time as interviews were completed. We also presented the findings to internal teams and ran workshops to generate ideas to improve the service.

The results

Through working with the client over the last two years they have managed to improve overall satisfaction levels by 6%. They have also seen noticeable improvements in service perceptions across a number of areas, in particular the handling of repairs and anti-social behaviour cases.

The response