Setting the scene

A strategic piece of multi-country exploratory research was conducted on behalf of the UK’s leading market player in Call Tracking and Intelligence.

The context

Our client needed to understand the role of Call/Contact Centres within the future of the buying experience, from the perspective of call centric businesses. The programme of research had to deliver a new insight ‘platform’ for the business, providing a solid foundation for the future education and development of its target markets/sectors. Ultimately, the business wanted to adopt an authoritative, thought leadership position about how technology could transform the future of the buying experience by telephone.

What we did

The programme commenced with a comprehensive piece of secondary (desk) research which was conducted by our in-house trends team who drew upon a vast range of online and offline sources. Key insights, themes and hypotheses from this phase were then used to inform the design and development of discussion guides for a series of extensive qualitative depth interviews with industry ‘experts’ which included futurists, IT Directors and CX/C-Suite owners within call centric UK, US and Asian businesses.

The results

The research delivered a series of original and compelling content/thought leadership pieces which were totally grounded in reality and that the business is currently using to inform its future marketing strategy and, ultimately, helping it to set the future direction of the market.

The response