Setting the scene

Honeycomb conducted extensive data analysis using Home Group’s internal data, both functional and experiential, to understand how to improve customer satisfaction.

The context

Home Group run thorough research projects each year, collecting key measures including overall satisfaction amongst others. In the regulated housing market, they must always prove to be striving to improve their services and their satisfaction levels amongst customers. However, with so many different logistical parts behind the external facing service provided to customers, we knew we had to dig deeper than insight the customers could give us

What we did

We started with a data audit, both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitatively, we spoke to all key stakeholders; the key research team, heads of departments, customer service advisors, service providers and understood the hunches, feelings, and assumptions that existed in the business. Quantitatively, we got our hands dirty with the vast amount of data held by Home Group on all aspects of their day-to-day business.

Armed with these initial hypotheses and copious datasets, we set out to understand the relationship each part of the service had with overall satisfaction, and what this meant for how the business should move forward.

The results

We were able to separate individual parts of the process internally and truly understand which of these was driving overall satisfaction, and, more importantly, how Home Group could use this information to their advantage. We co-designed and built a simulator with Home Group to encourage internal buy-in from stakeholders as they tweaked certain measures, and were able to see instantly how this might affect their overall satisfaction scores. Since then, Home Group have been able to use this information to prioritise resources, better inform their customer-facing partners, and inform future strategies.