Setting the scene

Our research helped a leading NW accountancy firm to develop its flexible workforce marketing proposition. We designed a programme of research to help our client to understand which features and benefits of their new contractor and freelancer accountancy proposition to promote in their marketing.

The context

Our client offered a unique accounting service for contractors and freelancers. The complexity of the service made it difficult know which aspects of the offer to promote to prospects. As such they turned to primary research to provide them with insight and direction on what to do.

What we did

Initially we completed depth face-to-face interviews with contractors and freelancers to run through the broad range of service features and benefits with them and determine which resonated more and less. From this qualitative research we were able to refine the list of service lines to test quantitatively.

For the quantitative phase we completed 200 interviews with contractors and freelancers working across a range of sectors. We incorporated Max Diff into the survey design, which allowed us to evidence the order and level of appeal of approximately 20 service features. Using TURF analysis we were then able to highlight which combination of features would maximise the level of reach amongst Prospects.

The results

Our client was finally able to develop a marketing campaign for their flexible workforce proposition informed by robust feedback rather than gut feel and intuition. They have positioned themselves as a specialist accountancy practice for contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals, supporting in excess of £130m of temporary labour in 2018.

The response