Setting the scene

Mustard has delivered U&A research for The Little Treats Bakery to help inform its planning for brand growth.

Little Treats context

The context

The Little Treats Bakery, part of Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd, makes, bakes and decorates biscuits and iced treats. It commissioned Mustard to deliver consumer research to explore and ascertain opportunities for growing the brand. To do this we needed to start by understanding existing markets and the opportunity for growth within each.

What we did

We commenced with a collaborative design phase including a key stakeholder workshop to develop hypotheses around each product category. We then designed a detailed survey to establish “usage and attitudes”. In total, more than 800 x 20min online surveys were conducted, complemented by a series of depths conducted within in-store cafes (allowing for store walks and at-fixture observation). The survey captured significant levels of detail around brand and product awareness, purchase behaviour, occasions and consumer mind-sets, consideration, barriers to purchase, as well as product, packaging and price expectations.

Little Treats Result

The results

Not only has the research provided an understanding of the growth opportunity that exists for growing the brand within its existing core product ranges, it has also acted as a source of inspiration for the NPD pipeline. Furthermore, it has proven to be useful for informing targeting for key lines (in particular with added clarity around age and gender).