Setting the scene

Mustard was commissioned by the Workshop (a specialist IT business providing software and technology solutions to some of the largest digital and gaming brands in the world) to explore betting behaviour and attitudes, with the ultimate aim of increasing sign up rates and revenue potential amongst its portfolio of online Sportsbook clients.

The Workshop Result

The context

The Workshop wanted to develop closer ‘partnership’ relationships with several major online Sportsbook Operators. Essentially, the business was looking to gain an edge; deep and meaningful insights around Sports betting behaviour from which it could advise and guide its clients in creating personalised betting experiences and higher levels of brand engagement.

What we did

Using both focus groups and online discussion forums we gained insight as to how the emotions and behaviours around Sports betting differ across three global markets (North America, South America and Asia) eliciting feedback on the drivers of Sports betting behaviour.

We also conducted ethnographic research amongst Sports bettors, observing and understanding how their betting behaviour and feelings differed when alone and with friends. We were able to:

  • Uncover the functional and emotional needs-states which Sports betting satisfies
  • Understand the different planned vs. spontaneous / impulse decision making processes participants experience
  • Explore the emotional impact of experiencing issues when looking for / placing bets, and the psychological impact of fixing the problem

With this emotive subject matter we were able to identify personas of different bettors and uncover the feelings and instincts that underlie / motivate betting, and those that accompany winning and losing.

The workshop context

The results

The research delivered a depth of previously unconsidered player/bettor intelligence at both a local and global level from which Mustard was able to make several strategic recommendations (including various ‘quick wins’) relating to online Sportsbook UX, the engagement of seasonal players in the off season, leveraging player emotions to increase retention and Sports betting persona interaction/conversion.

The response