Setting the scene

Mustard has worked with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) in the delivery of primary research to support the development of a Greater Manchester social marketing campaign focusing on increasing the number of smoking quits and ultimately reducing cancer prevalence.

GMHSC Context

The context

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) asked Mustard to build and manage and an online forum with respondents from all 10 the Greater Manchester localities to provide localised insight on stop smoking campaigns.

The approach

We delivered a 4 week online forum with 100 respondents, 10 from each of the 10 Greater Manchester Localities, including a diverse range of audiences including those with long term medical conditions (such as COPD), mental health conditions, LGBTQ, lone parents, and routine and manual workers.

During the 4 weeks, respondents took part in 13 separate qualitative research discussions. There was a significant focus on reviewing previous stop smoking campaigns (visually being show posters, video testimonials and supporting websites) and dissecting them and also discussions around what a Greater Manchester campaign should be like.

GMHSC Result

The results

Our analysis (particularly in the context of behavioural economics) and the forum insights has led to the GMHSCP prioritising their stop smoking social marketing campaigns over the coming years and has enabled them to make a decision on which national campaign to take forward in the Greater Manchester region. Furthermore it has provided them with the knowledge on how best to tailor the campaign to maximise the impact in the GM population and further insights that will help shape future tobacco strategy.

The response