Setting the scene

Mustard helped Jewson and Lafarge Tarmac to identify commercially viable NPD opportunities within the bagged cement category using our Popcorn approach to innovation generation.

Jewson context

The context

Jewson and Lafarge Tarmac were working in conjunction to try and develop an innovative proposition for high volume packed cement product users.

In order to inform this development, Mustard were commissioned to determine the unmet needs of core trade-users, collaboratively generate potential solutions, and ultimately quantify the demand for subsequent propositions.

The approach

Initially we completed an exploratory series of face-to-face depth interviews and observations focused on the minutia of the experience of taking delivery of, storing, and using bagged cement. We spent many hours up ladders, on roofs and knee deep in puddles understanding benefits, frustrations, behaviours, coping-mechanisms etc. of the current product offer.

Following this, we held visioning workshops with members of the Jewson and Lafarge teams across a range of roles to transform the exploratory insights into a range of relevant concepts, which were filtered down into the most commercially viable.

Finally, we ran a quantitative phase where we measured the appeal of the developed propositions to identify the viable opportunity.

The results

This programme of research generated an innovative product idea which represented a significant opportunity in terms of purchase intention and also ‘pull’ to Jewson if this proposition was exclusive. We were able to determine the optimal price point and estimate the impact on ordering at this level to enable Lafarge to consider the ROI from a R&D perspective.

Ultimately, using Popcorn a commercially viable proposition was developed from a ‘blank canvas’ starting point.

The response