Chemicals & Industrial

Chemicals & Industrial

Mustard has worked with many of the world’s largest chemical companies; (incl. DuPont, Exxon Mobil, BP, Bayer, Huntsman, INEOS, Lanxess, Astra Zeneca, British Vita), as well as many smaller, specialist producers. Our work has covered the globe from Chile to China and all points in between. The product areas we have covered is also extensive, including polyurethanes, polycarbonates, polyester, polyamide, acrylics, surfactants, rubber chemicals, aromatic compounds, ION-exchange resins, pharma intermediates, etc. We often work directly with senior management from client organisations which has given us a real understanding of the key strategic and operational issues affecting their downstream markets; as industries such as construction materials, textiles, automotive, personal care and coatings have matured and evolved.

Chemicals & industrial research expertise

Customer satisfaction / CX

We have successfully developed national, regional and global customer satisfaction tracking programmes for a multitude of blue-chip clients. Providing practical, tactical-level information to drive operational improvements, as well as intelligence to support strategic decision-making.

Brand research

Over the last 20 years the chemicals industry has seen a plethora of mergers, acquisitions, demergers, etc., with the consequence that many organisations faced the prospect of having to trade without their long-standing, powerful brands behind them. Mustard has worked closely with many of these businesses (large and small) to help track and align their new brands with their stated values.


Mustard has worked with its chemical industry clients to develop and implement needs-based segmentation models. Working in parallel with “cost-to-serve” analysis, these have been instrumental in helping organisations re-design key parts of their operational and selling processes (including supply chain) and helping with the development and delivery of more focused customer communication strategies.

Product Testing

Mustard has helped many of its chemical and pharma clients test appetite for new products and product variants. We have also worked closely to help assess the attractiveness of more service-based “offers”, which are often linked to more technically demanding product ranges.

Customer needs and behaviours

At Mustard, we have a range of tools that help our clients better understand how their customers think and how and why they behave the way they do (i.e. in terms of choosing suppliers).

These tools and techniques have been developed for the chemical industry and have a long and proven record of success across vastly different product groups and geographical markets.

Our people

Our people are our business. The Mustard team is an eclectic mix of skilled, passionate researchers and strategists. We’re all in the job to make a difference, and love nothing more than seeing our clients win.

Our Thinking

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