Communications development / testing

Communications development / testing

Very often, improved performance can stem from improved communications. Significant sums are spent on advertising and communications and research has a role to play to ensure messages are delivered with optimum effectiveness. There are a range of research services that help with this. Qualitative research has helped us to design and refine multi-media ad campaigns and fine-tune critical documentation. Quantitative research has helped us to understand the appeal and appropriacy of messages, along with measuring recall and impact of advertising.

Why use communications development / testing research?

Mustard helps clients develop, refine and measure the impact of their communications in many different ways. We have significant experience in communications development and testing in the financial services sector – particularly in helping our clients in the insurance sector design policy documentation that is FCA compliant. We have also delivered many ad effectiveness studies in the leisure sector.

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Qualitative research techniques – including traditional focus groups – have a key role to play in helping clients understand audience response to campaigns and creative executions. We work directly with creative teams to nurture campaign concepts – never allowing the baby to be thrown out with the bathwater. We explore the potential for campaigns across diverse media – and aim to conduct tests within realistic contexts.

We have partnered with many clients in the financial services sector to ensure key documentation is clear and easy to understand – aligned with the principles of Treating Customers Fairly.

Quantitative research techniques – often online surveys – are used to measure the appeal and response to campaigns and creative executions – allowing for final sense-checking and refinement.

We conduct “pre” and “post” surveys to measure the uplift and impact of advertising and communications on ad and brand awareness, perceptions and consideration.

We also provide ad diagnostics as part of our ad and brand tracking solution – the Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM).

How Comms development / testing have helped The FA

As part of the process for developing the creative execution of their course materials, the FA Education team needed to test initial iterations to explore the perceptions and understanding amongst the target audience.

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